Clinic Etiquette

Your First Appointment

Your first appointment whether you are having a remedial massage or a facial treatment is very important to me. Please complete your 'new client' form online prior to coming to your appointment.

Your first appointment will be booked for 75 Min (60 min massage) to ensure I cover all of the above and give your muscles sufficient time to be worked on.

We have a chat about your current concerns and then discuss your treatment for your first appointment and at the end of your session we talk through any further treatment plan for any subsequent appointments.

After your first appointment, particularly if you haven’t had a massage for a while or this is your first time; you may feel a little muscle tightness or be uncomfortable after the session.  This is all natural with your body responding to the massage session.  Generally, within 48 hours you will start to feel back to normal and your concerns that you came with at the initial session will hopefully be put at ease.

If you are committed to improving your wellbeing, it may take a few sessions to get you back on track.  Just think about how long you have left your concerns/ailment or muscle soreness and take this into account when booking for your follow up sessions.  As your therapist I will help guide you on the best approach and work with you on your next session timings/booking.

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Our pricing is kept as simplistic as we can to enable you to pick your preferred massage or facial treatment.

  • Initial remedial consultations are 60-minute massage with up to 75 minute appointment.
  • Subsequent/regular appointments can be booked at 45, 60, 75 or 90 minutes.
  • Dry Needling appointments start with a minimum of 45-minute booking (including massage post needling).
  • Remedial or relaxation massage are all the same pricing.
  • No additional costs for cupping used during appointments
  • Dry Needling and Hot Stones are an additional $10 per appointment time (e.g.. 60 min appointment $110+ $10 for Hot Stones, total $120.)


An online booking system has been setup so you can pick a preferred time that suits you.

  • Bookings can be made in advance up to 3 months.
  • You will receive an email notification of your booking date and time and some helpful information
  • On your booking confirmation email there is also a link to cancel your appointment up to 48 hours in advance
  • You will also receive a SMS reminder 48 hours prior to the appointment
  • In some instances appointments are scheduled close together and no additional time can be allowed for late arrivals
  • All appointments include assessment, treatment review and any post appointment stretches etc.
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Cancellation/No Shows

  • Any appointment rescheduling/changes within 24 hours will incur a $25.00 fee on your next appointment booking
  • Cancellation of appointments under 24 hours will incur a full fee payment of that cancellation appointment at your next appointment*
  • Please respond to the SMS message as a SMS response to change/amend your appointment (do not call the number as it is an automatic number generate by my booking system).
  • Our contact phone logs the caller number and time. You can SMS me to cancel your appointment in the evenings or I will respond to messages at the end of each business day.  

* Unforeseen circumstances (eg. Family tragedy, illness, redundancy, accident etc) will be taken into account and cancellation charge will be reviewed by your Remedial Massage Therapist.

Time Management/Late Arrivals

  • I respect your time and will endeavour to offer you the best treatment, plans and service while you are taking time out for yourself during your hectic life schedule.
  • I also ask that you return the mutual respect and arrive just prior to your appointment time so that we can start your treatment on time
  • There is minimum time allowed between client appointments and I often cannot allow your full treatment time when you are running late
  • If you are running late, you will be charged for the original treatment scheduled booking fee
  • If you know you are running late, please call so that I can be ready and waiting to have you straight into the room on your arrival.  (If there is no answer or our service takes you straight through to the message system, please leave a message)
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  • In these challenging times (2020/2021) I ask that you respect the health directive of the Australian & Queensland Governments.  If masks are required - wear one!
  • If you have any type of illness, are sick with the cold or flu; I ask that you do not come for your appointment and stay at home.
  • The cold/flu is a contradiction with massage and it will make you feel more unwell and for longer if you attend to have a massage.
  • In all honesty I see many clients each week and do not want to get sick myself and spread germs around between clients.
  • We do have the right to refuse treatment if you are showing symptoms of any illness, cold or flu.
  • We appreciate that sometimes you just wake up feeling awful and ill and we will take this into consideration with our cancellation policy if you phone to reschedule on the day of your treatment.
  • If you do not advise us that you are unwell and will not be attending your appointment, unfortunately you will still incur the cancellation fee of 100%.

Personal Hygiene

  • If you’ve had a rough day at work and are grubby, dirty or holding onto your body odour, we do ask that you shower before your appointment with us.
  • If we are working on your feet, we also ask that they are clean and free of any dirt when you arrive at the clinic.
  • I am human and often work close to you and my room is small and unfortunately B.O. does travel a long way and somehow seems to linger long after you leave the room.
  • Please be aware that I have the right to deny a treatment(s) if I feel uncomfortable. 
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Getting Your Kit Off

  • I abide by strict massage association guidelines to ensure that you are covered fully when you are in our massage rooms.
  • I ask that you do not get undressed when you initially walk into the treatment room.
  • If you do not wear underwear we will ask you to leave your bottom attire on (either shorts or skirt/pants) on during the treatment.
  • I will discuss your treatment plan for the appointment and will advise you that they will leave the room for you to get undressed and get onto the massage table and cover yourself with our sheets or towels as best as you can.
  • I leave the room while you are undressing, wash my hands and allow you approx. 1-2 minutes to get comfortable on the table.
  • If you rush and start undressing when entering the room, I will ask you to stop and discuss your ailments/treatment for the session first.

The Experience

We value you as a client and respect that each client has different ideas and thoughts on how their massage treatment is undertaken.

  • In our initial discussion on your treatment we will ask you about the types of massages you have previously had or if you are new to the massage treatment experience.
  • After we discuss your treatment plan for the session and the session has started, we will also check with you on your feedback, particularly on the pressure that we are using or the tools we use to ensure we have covered your comfort and well-being as a priority.
  • If you are uncomfortable with how you are lying, have any extreme discomfort or find the pressure is not quite right, we ask that you inform us during the session. Please do not leave it until the end of the session to inform us something didn’t feel quite right or you were uncomfortable.
  • We do ask that you respect our qualifications and training and understand that each therapist uses many different skills to assist you with your treatment. Sometimes your type of treatment with one therapist may be completely different than another, but with the full intention to improve your well-being and ailments as best we can.
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Gift Vouchers

You can now purchase your gift vouchers online or at the clinic.

  • We will ask you to provide the gift voucher code when you are booking your appointment online or over the phone.
  • Cancellation and/or No Show policy will apply to all gift vouchers purchased.

Terms & Conditions of purchasing Gift Voucher(s)

  • Gift Vouchers are non refundable.
  • Gift Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • No discounts apply when purchasing or redeeming vouchers (unless a special offer is available when purchasing the gift voucher).   You are unable to apply a birthday discount off a gift voucher redemption.
  • Health fund rebates cannot be claimed on Gift Vouchers.
  • Gift vouchers have a six (6) month expiry and are void once the expiry date passes.
  • You may extend your gift voucher expiry date by $10 per month, paid prior to your treatment at your appointment.

Today I had my 1st massage at Rejuvenation Message ( and it definitely won't be my last ) Totally amazing experience and I alway felt comfortable and informed about what was happening - can't thank you enough - Feeling Fantastic


Thank you so much for my massage today. As a first timer I was a little nervous but you professionalism, warm personality, friendly smile and technique was outstanding. I have never experienced a massage like the one today and definitely will be back. Thank you


Had my first massage session today. Never felt better. I've got my next one booked already



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