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For some of us, we come to the realisation that the mind, body and soul is connected and whole. We are soul beings and have come to be who we are through genes and the universe, all in divine order. 

At middle age, we often find ourselves wondering what is next with our lives; we have survived our teenage years, educated ourselves, got a trade or degree and sometimes have raised a family.  Then when the pressure is starting to ease we start to look internally about what is next?

Those that have worked on themselves from earlier in their young adult life, often float through middle age and continue to explore their inner self. While some of us tend to fumble around, getting frustrated with ourselves because we are struggling with our bodies, how our mind is decompressing life and what our purpose actually is.  

As a Wellness Practitioner, I assist clients work on all three elements to get the most out of their sessions.

Through connection of the mind with 'empowering coaching', I will guide you through any queries on life, on any topic you feel you need to 'live your dreams, feeling amazing, as your authentic self'.

As a remedial therapist, I weave magic with my hands to align your body back into calm. 

We work with Therapeutic Applied Percussion (T.A.P) techniques to release any discomfort/pain stored in your body.

With looking at your body holistically we get the most out of achieving inner peace and calm.  


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