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Why do online consults?
We’re all living in interesting times where we’re learning to work from home or keep motivated to our lifestyle in a completely different way.  Some have to home school children while others are trying to find the motivation to run an exercise regimes. 

Now more than ever, people are needing massages, which we cannot currently offer due to COVID-19.  Rejuvenation Massage has started doing online consults to continue to help you through these challenging times.  Our online consults can help with pain or discomfort releases,  stretch ideas, or just a friendly face to chat to; to assist with your motivation or guide you with your stress management through guided meditations.  

What do they involve?
Online consults are as simple and easy as clicking a link that’s been emailed to you with your standard appointment booking .  You can do these appointments from the comfort of your own home, using a computer, laptop, tablet or phone with a camera and Wifi.  

How can they help?
If you are:

  • Working from home and sitting at a desk/computer or simple using the kitchen table
  • Having shoulder or arm pain/discomfort
  • Your neck is annoying you, you are getting headaches and have neck strain up into the base of your skull
  • Putting up with back issues
  • Tight legs and butt muscles
  • Feeling stressed/anxious and need to relax and chillout
  • Struggling with routine
  • Having trouble remembering to stretch
  • Needing help with self-care
  • Your seriously missing your massages !

*FREE 20 Min Consult for clients who have visited Fiona (from January 2019).

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What if I’m not great with technology?
That’s alright.  Just click on the link shown on your email confirmation (at the time of your appointment) and Fiona is happy to hold your hand while you’re learning the ropes.


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